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The root of the challenge in collecting this data is that the government databases do not contain religious affiliation in a form that can be sorted or queried. Thus, when Ken began his quest, he had to walk the rows of the cemetery and write down the information from the gravestones / markers. Prior to WW-I, markers at the cemetery, by law, did not have religious symbols; so Ken began his notes and research by selecting those surnames that were most likely to have Jewish roots.

You may begin your search of our database by entering the surname, first name, or both names on the search page; you can also enter portions of the name(s) as described on the search page. The results that are returned will include any records in our database that match those criteria. The information provided may include the JGSGW ID number, location of the grave, dates of birth and death. Since there may be duplicate names in our database, we recommend that when writing to us, you reference the JGSGW ID.

If you do not find your family member or friend in the database and you would like to provide information to our project, please do so using the add or correct information options on the Contact Us page.

We have added information from gravestones and Columbarium markers, such as branch of service, dates of birth and death, and other information.  Pictures of gravestones / Columbarium markers have been added.

We have improved the surname search to identify surnames that may appear in other fields of this record, such as maiden names, where available. As a result, the Surname search field now just has a "contains" input.  Note that a minimum of three characters in either the Surname field or the Given Name field is required.

Database Version 115, updated 27 October 2013.


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